October 5, 2017

Glen Conrad was able to visit the lodge accompanied by our insurance adjuster and two Forest Service employees.

The interior of the lodge is in good shape and doesn’t even smell of smoke. Several of the large windows and some windows in the copula have hairline cracks caused by the extreme heat during the fire.

None of the trees between the lodge and the viewpoint have any green needles.

The tractor was destroyed – the tires burned off and the tractor and trailer are sitting on their rims. The club will need a new tractor to bring in materials and haul out debris once the roads are safe and open.

The generator was not started due to damage to wiring on the ceiling, but it appears to be in good shape.

The upper water tank melted, but the spring box is fine and is supplying water through the buried water pipes.

We have not determined yet if the basement walls of Redwing were damaged by the fire or if they can be used as a foundation for rebuilding.

Both outhouses, the wood shed and the small storage shed were destroyed.

Eagle Creek Fire

September 15, 2017

The Club hasn’t been able to visit the property since the fire swept through. Once we do, we will provide updates here on the extent of the damage and our progress in recovery.